Develop Interview

Ricardo Flores spoke to Develop about the partnership with Marmalade Play and the development of The Activision Decathlon.
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tv apps

Max Adventures

PlayMotion launched Max Adventures, the 5th game developed for the MEO TV platform.
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Moche Surf Series

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Microsoft Game Dev Camp

Microsoft Game Dev Camp brought together the growing Portuguese game community.
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The Activision Decathlon

The Activision Decathlon, developed in partnership with Marmalade and Activision, is now available on Google Play and iTunes.
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Nave Especial

1st edition of Nave Especial Illustrated Digital Book Award
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New vision for human life entertainment.

The Biodroid Entertainment Group

Biodroid is an independent new media and software company who, since 2007, develops and distributes entertainment and educational content, through games, apps and e-books, to a wide range of platforms (including gaming consoles, web/PC, mobile, connect TV and Facebook). 

With over 20 titles developed (including Miffy’s World, Billabong Surf Trip, nominee for the 2010 IMGA in Best Sports Game category, and, more recently, Cristiano Ronaldo FreeStyle Soccer and MegaRamp Skate & BMX) we have considerable experience on how to create content that is both accessible and appealing to a wide audience.

Our approach to content development is broad and versatile, adapting the product to the needs of the gamer, user, client or brand, but our focus is centered on the user experience and on delivering innovative 2D and high-end 3D content.
Check our timeline to find out more about who we are and what we have been doing!
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Biodroid Entertainment

Our vision for the future of entertainment through digital content and applications is broad. We believe it will keep getting broader as technology evolves and people find new ways of communicating and interacting. With technology and with each other.
The Entertainment division was the first to be created in 2007 and is dedicated to licensing and publishing content, either through partners or directly to the end user. We have worked with Mercis, Billabong, Cristiano Ronaldo, Chillingo and more recently MegaRamp and Samsung, among others, to develop and distribute innovative games, digital content and applications.
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Biodroid Productions

One of the largest and oldest game development studios in Portugal, Biodroid Productions is currently a major reference in quality, high-end 3D mobile games. We have launched 3 sports games under our Biodroid Sports brand and they have met with critical acclaim and commercial success, with Billabong Surf Trip being nominated for the prestigious IMGA awards in 2011.
The Productions division is focused on developing content and software centered on the user experience. It is "the factory", at the very fashionable LX Factory, in Lisbon, Portugal, where magic is made everyday. Our team of game designers, programmers, 2D artists and 3D artists has worked in game development for the last 6 years. But there are also new, different projects challenging the team. We mainly work on games but applications and enhanced e-books have become a bigger part of our lives in 2012 with the launch in October 2012 of the Biodroid Applications division.
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Biodroid Investments

In the media world of today, investors need to take a good look at the broader picture. It’s like watering a tree having the forest in mind. Biodroid is always looking for new projects, games or apps, start-ups, entrepreneurs or R&D teams. We believe linking business opportunities with the financial resources is a major step towards growth in a networked marketplace.
In 2012, Biodroid established a joint venture with Viewdo to further develop the social betting community Qwinelizabet. Through both a website and a mobile application players will be able to jointly bet on anything, from professional sports to an everyday office challenge.
In 2013, Biodroid partnered with an international media company to launch PlayMotion, a start-up fully dedicated to the development of games and other content for set-top boxes and connected TVs everywhere.

Both projects are perfectly fitted with our vision of the new ways to entertain through digital content, applications and connected communities.
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Biodroid Zone

Biodroid Zone is an initiative created in 2011 to help the community of young game developers in Portugal. At Biodroid Zone we have had over 30 teams present their ideas and value propositions to choose those best prepared to go to the market. We are currently on the second edition.
Nave Especial is an initiative to help develop enhanced e-books together with the Portuguese community of illustrators, designers and storytellers. Launched in the last quarter of 2012, an international conference was held in January 2013 to discuss what physical book authors and publishers need to understand and do to cross to the digital side. An award for original digital projects has also been announced.
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Biodroid Labs

Growth is fuelled by new ideas, new concepts, new methods and techniques. What to do and how to do it, not only differently but better, is very important for us. We promote research and innovation matching financial resources with the needs of research, and the consequent integration of research with design, technical procedures and the final product.
We have a high commitment to investing in innovation and new products. Since 2008 our R&D division has twice been selected to develop projects financed by QREN. With IST and ESCS as our technology and knowledge partners, Biodroid has successfully finished it's first project, Life Engine, and is currently working on its second project, Energy Wars.


Worten AR


Metrô 3D


Desafio Compal Essencial Kids


Energy Wars


NV Runners


Popota Superstar


Planeta BES




Let's Play Pet Hospitals


Ambiente nas Nossas Mãos


Record Londres 2012


Super Sorrisos


Rural Value


The Activision Decathlon


Billabong Surf Trip






Face to Face


Snap Stories


Moche Surf Series


MegaRamp Skate & BMX


Jantes em Brasa


Cristiano Ronaldo Freestyle


Miffy’s World

Business Partners

Technology Partners



Biodroid is always looking for talented and passionate people to join our team, both to work in the games division and in the applications division. We welcome individuals who want to take part in a new way of developing entertaining digital content, centered, first of all, on the user experience. We work in a very focused but informal environment at the fashionable LX Factory in Lisbon, Portugal, and there are plenty of oportunities for socialising and having fun!

If you think that you have something to add to what we are doing and that we absolutely need you, please send you application and materials to All submissions are confidential. Only applications that are relevant for our current needs will be evaluated and we will only reply to those we would like to have a meeting with to get to know better. Open positions will be posted here whenever they are made available. If there are no open positions, feel free to send us your application anyway. Personal statements and sincerity have been known to get our attention.


Game Network Programmer - Ref. PROG#01/2014
Game Graphics Programmer - Ref. PROG#02/2014

Rodrigo Figueiredo

Lead Quality Assurance

André Vazão

Marketing Assistant

Sander Eskens


Ana Freitas

Concept Artist

Bruno Garcez

Sound Designer

Francisco Azevedo

3D Artist

Rafael Bolota

Quality Assurance (PlayMotion)

Patrícia Simões

2D Artist (PlayMotion)

Tiago Baginha

Senior 3D Character Modeller & Animator

João Magalhães

Lead Programmer

Cláudia Neto

Assistant Producer (Trainee)

Paulo Duarte

Lead Game Designer

Filipa Evangelista

3D Artist

Diogo Horta e Costa

Managing Partner

Daniela Ferreira

Lead UI Artist

Stijn Van der Borght


Pedro Ramalho

Producer (PlayMotion)

Marta Barreto

2D Artist (PlayMotion)

Mário Santos

2D Artist

Maria Matias

Human Resources & Administrative Support

Pedro Tempera


João Tiple


Cristiana Serra


Pedro Potier

Lead 2D Artist

Tiago Ribeiro

Production Director

David Gonçalves

Programmer (PlayMotion)

Rui Gouveia

Lead 3D Artist

Diogo Lacerda

Programmer (PlayMotion)

Frédéric Veiga


António Perestrelo

Shader Artist

Luís Nunes

Senior 3D Environment Artist

António Silva

Game Designer (Trainee)

Bruno Vaz


Pedro Otelcana

Lead Concept Artist

Sascha Staes


Ricardo Flores

Head of Games

João Ferreira

Programmer (Trainee)

Tiago Alves


It’s not always sunny in Lisbon, but we can’t complain.
We love what we do, and our passion shows through.


Rua do Arco de Alcântara, 32
1350-021 Lisboa
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